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Speculations on Storm/Oscar's father:

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When playing the the latest chapter and during the 1st conversation that Oscar and Asterion had, we were given a bunch of criterias that Oscar used to see weither Asterion was his father or not. The thing is i personnaly find that Lord Poseidon is the one most likely to be Oscar's father. For starters, Hermes did say that Poseidon descended to the mortal realm for the last 30 years trying to deal with his regrets the biggest being Asterion's torture and this duration lines up with Oscar's age being 21. Another thing is that Oscar's mother always refered to his father being a human and Greek gods have been known to pull this off. And the "Downed tapir" region have been described by Pedro to be almost empty of cell lines and towers that usually drove away magic and mythicals so Poseidon ending up there isn't too farfetched i mean their is a litteral skinless god chilling in the city. And Poseidon was described to have lost all sanity, even in the conversation he had with the Mc we couldn't guess who he was.

So what i think happened is that Poseidon descended 30 years ago, found his way to Downed Tapir, lost sanity and got completely into character and met Oscar's mom and then disappeared to meet the Mc 21 years later in the train station.

I don't think that their are that many possibilities for a "man" to be the father of a minotaure even in a place like Downed Tapir, but this is just a speculation.


He definitely seems to have some of Asterion's affinity for water.  The convenient pocket of air in the chapel, the spring he found.  During their visit to the beach, Storm finds seashells with ease and with enough affection, you see a scene where a school of fish crowd around Storm, which matches with a line from one of the random startup poems about Asterion: "When saltwater touched his ankles shells would spring from the sand and fish would swarm and swim by in honor of Poseidon's ichor."

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OH I never payed attention to this, thanks for pointing it out


as i recall, the hades judges mentioned previous members of asterion's family already had bovine origins. it could be a simple case of recessive genes finally manifesting. the weird thing is that asterion and oscar have different junks.

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About the bovine origins: The juges of Hades stated that every king is to have a special child blessed by blood and ichor of an Olympian taking the shape of a bull and this is a long-standing tradition from the very creation of Crete. In king Minos's case he only had one special child and that is Asterion. I assume that the children of the special child would also inherite some of the bovine blood, but im not sure if Asterion's family members survived the war, the only one i know of surviving is Ariadne (that traitor b***ch) since on Lord Dionysus's vote in favor of Asterion he said that he saved her from the island after Theseus betrayed her (serves her right). So it's not impossible that she would have a child after living as a refuge or smth , but the main reason why the bovine blood was preserved is because of the tradition, the bull descending every generation so i don't think that her descendant can be Oscar's father.

As for the differences between Asterion's and Oscar's bodies (junk, nose ...) i think that it might be because in Asterion's case the Olymian was in the form of the bull and the mother was of creitan lineage but in Oscar's case Poseidon was in human form and the mother was a normal women who was never blessed by Gods. I am not 100% sure this is the reason it could be just the artist playing with different designs.

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you'd think it'd be on reverse if it was because of the bull form or human form. oscar is the one with the sheath. 

oscar most certainly has the bloodline of poseidon or something. i just don't think poseidon has to be personally involved on his conception. it makes more sense to me that he'd be some lost branch of decendants given the conditions of his upbringing. none of the other mythicals so far were unaware of their kin origins.

there's also the thing with birthing a 7th child. it could be an extra condition for activating the lineage. it'd explain how come there never was a minotaur population. my guess is that you'd have to both be a descendant of poseidon and the 7th sibling.

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The idea of their being a living descandant seems -at least to me- hard to be the case, even if Ariadne survives or another one of creitan princes does it still wouldn't be possible because a major condition for the bovine blood to be preserved is the continous appearance of the bull every generation. Plus the time between the fall of Crete and the present day is so long that even the Gods lost their sanity so it doesn't make sense that a lineage of mixed blood and ichor to survive more that the Gods without the bull appearing.

Plus, when i was reading Lord Dionysus's vote, he called Thesus when talking to Athena by "the hero you so favored", and considering that Thesius left even Ariadne (the one who helped him) to die i was under the impression that Athena really wanted to erase the Creitan lineage of the face of the earth witch makes the idea of a survivor and a descendant a bit hard to belive.

a lot of royal families have illegitimate childs, there could easily be surviving lost branches that were bastardized generations before asterion came to be. wether the bull is necessary for the blood or not, i mean, it is magic stuff, the rules are made up and the characters can be wrong about them. we could never know for certain. it's ariadne btw.

That could also be the case yes but i still belive that the bull is important. Like it could be that the side or lost branch survives and stays hidden until the present day and then Poseidon finds his way to Downed Tapir to replace the bull in the equation. The reason i still bring the bull up is because it was stated by the juges of Hades and i don't think they could be wrong. 

And thanks for pointing out the naming mistake i corrected it.

I get that, i don't remember that part of their statement clearly. It's not like my guess has any solid proof to sustain it. There's not much evidence, other than the fact Oscar clearly has a connection to the sea, to point at how he came to be. Being from a poor family in the middle of nowhere northeast Brasil seems like a very backwards spot for Poseidon to decide to pick and make a new minotaur. Also, why would he even choose to make a new one after what happened to the other? I don't think Poseidon would be frolicking in Brasil's country side as his first pick, unless there was something required that could only be found in Drowned Tapir, or it was purely an accident of fate.

I belive it was mostly an accident of fate, but Pedro did say that Downed Tapir lacked the signs of big human cities that usualy drove away the mythicals and magical phenomena as a whole so that might be it. And i don't think that Poseidon had any intentions to "make" a new minotaure since he descended to free one not to make another, but as i said he most likely lost sanity and had his fun without giving it that much thought.

And if you are curious about the scene of the juges of Hades, i think it was in chapter 16 when Asterion when to the rooftop to relax.

I really take issue with loss of sanity as an explanation for people to fuck. That's not something that just accidentally happens, specially for who is penetrating. It still doesn't explains why he'd end up in Brasil's interior. That's nowhere near Greece, nor some coastal village by the sea. They may be gods, but from what we've seen they are physical beings. I don't think they could just jump from and back to mount olympus to anywhere in the world, other than Hermes.

Poseidon's descent is a fact as stated by Hermes, yes him ending up in Downed Tapir is merely a speculation to defend my therory but going from Olymus to the mortal world is something that Poseidon is fully capable off and Olympian gods have been doing it since the beginning of time if we belive the myths. As for his actions while in his lost state it might be easier that it looks; both Zeus and Poseidon are known for their affairs with mortals with Zeus being the most famous one but Poseidon did have his share, so him "getting into character" and ending up having an affair isn't that out of his dictionnary. Perhaps he was playing as a wandering person and suddenly the fog took over his mind and idk saw Oscar's mother and you can guess the rest. And in the topic of Downed tapir being nowhere near Greece, nor some coastal village by the sea, personnaly i never payed attention to that so i am taking your word for it, we know that Poseidon was in the mortal realm for 30 years and Oscar is 21 so between the descent and the affair we have 8 years and if we assume that Poseidon started his investigations from Crete i think that 8 years is more than enough to go to Downed Tapir.