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What the box?

You're a box, and you're trying to kill other boxes, in a place filled with boxes. · By Bitten Toast Games

Issue and ideas

A topic by SlendyBoy created Sep 03, 2016 Views: 301 Replies: 1
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Issue: I spawned on the top of a wall in Team Deathmatch mode. Can you fix it please? :)

I have some ideas for you :)

Hide and seek mode: The seeker has a knife and the hiders try hidden :) When a hider has been found, he become a seeker

Murder mode (like the murder mode in Garry's mod) : There is a murderer with a knife and there are innocents. One of the innocents (chosen randomly) has a gun (so he can kill the murderer) and the others innocents have...nothing :)

But nobody knows who is the murderer... >:D


Not sure about Murder mode but I like Hide and Seek Mode XD

Hopefully the spawn on top of a wall issue will be fixed on next patch. Had lots of problems with spawning since the beginning of the game, but now I think the spawn is almost working perfectly :D