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Awesome beta! :D

Keep the great work! ;D

I like kicking road racers XD

Nice game :)

No problem :)

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Hey SteelRaven,

I found this:

I just want to warn you :)

Swim Race Red

I remember!

This music makes me think that of the game "Fleeing the complex" (Henry Stickmin) :D

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The game freeze when i was playing and winning :D (enemies and bullets immobilized but my blue allies can move, i'm not able to shoot but i can switch weapons,...)

I saw players got the same issue in the Beta 1 and 2 but not in the Beta 3

Btw, the game is AWESOME! Keep the great work! :D

Same :D

I like the music :D



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Issue: I spawned on the top of a wall in Team Deathmatch mode. Can you fix it please? :)

I have some ideas for you :)

Hide and seek mode: The seeker has a knife and the hiders try hidden :) When a hider has been found, he become a seeker

Murder mode (like the murder mode in Garry's mod) : There is a murderer with a knife and there are innocents. One of the innocents (chosen randomly) has a gun (so he can kill the murderer) and the others innocents have...nothing :)

But nobody knows who is the murderer... >:D

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I found a glitch: we can climb the mill (situated in the west of the map) by pressing fast SPACE to jump and holding the up key to move forward. But enemies can see you from there base :D

Keep doing great job! I like the Beta 2!