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Long-Term Gaming?

A topic by kmo created Sep 01, 2016 Views: 223
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Hello, and a shout out to those who take time to develop great content, including this site.

I understand the need for everyone to express themselves, everyone has personal choices, and this may just be my personal and possibly unshared experience but hear me out.

I've a really busy life. Between work, study, social interactions and other forms of relaxation, I have a small amount of time for games. It seems that many enjoy the instant and the repetetive genres, but my dream is to play something adventrous, appealing, and immersive. Coming from the Pokemon, Megaman, Kirby era, I've been searching for a non-linear, non-repetetive adventure. Something that allows me to continously explore, discover and feel great about it.

Speaking directly to you developers with a passion for adventure, I know it can't be done alone, but is there any surviving interest in creating an immersive experience? Or is the interest in long-term gaming dying?

About the content of this category: There are (97 results) for games that last days or more, with many that you have to pay to experience, many that are severely underdeveloped, a few knock-offs, and some that don't make any sense at all (I'll update my comment if I find anything great, hold on).

As independent developers, is it possible to invest more combined efforts into producing truly memorable content that people will still be passionate about beyond the scope of a few years? To me that's true success. Maybe some kind of Indie-Quality Project can be formed. Everybody inputs their specialty and be a part of something they can be proud of, at the same time reducing the number of short-lived projects that will be irrelevant within days.

Remember, this is coming from an adult with limited time, and an adventrous passion. My view may appear outdated to some, or possibly nonsensical, but if there is anyone who shares this view, or if this isn't the correct community for it, please let me know.

Thank you.