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The Pirate Mermaid

Be the hero or villain of your own fairytale in this fantasy otome visual novel. · By Navigame


A topic by Koko created Jan 27, 2019 Views: 3,925 Replies: 13
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I absolutely loved this game, generally I stick with what I know but something urged me to pick this story and I immediately fell in love. Do we know when this game will be fully released? I introduced it to all my friends and we are all so excited to play more !


Hi Koko, I'm so glad you and your friends liked our game! We don't know when the full game will be released yet unfortunately, but we'll definitely make an announcement when we are more confident of our schedule. Thanks so much for your support and patience, and I hope you'll enjoy the full game once it's done!


Thanks very much for the response - if you ever need someone to test the game keep me in mind ;)

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I also really enjoyed the game, although it was just a demo, it drew me in as if I was playing a full game that took a whole community of workers to make! I'm not gonna lie, I fangirled through most of it and almost cried when the demo was over in the sea path.. I'm most definitely going to try other options too while waiting for the full release. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it and it really differs from other visual novels I've played. I haven't played loads of VNs but I've played through my fair share and even though I can't donate any money - wish I could - I will support this game as much as I can by encouraging my friends to play. Once again, thank you for creating such a gorgeous VN demo and I wish you the best in continuing to produce this masterpiece!


If I may I add to this question:  is there are any specific issues holding things up? Two years of development is long, so I assume something has happened? There is not pressure here; work at your own pace. I'm  just curious.


Sorry for the wait! I think there are several reasons the development for "The Pirate Mermaid" takes longer. For one, we are a small team (only two people) who make games as a hobby in our spare time. If we could devote all our time and energy to working on the game, like an actual game company, it would definitely be done much faster. But as it is, we have full-time jobs and other commitments IRL, so the time and money that we can spend on game dev is much more limited. :(

In addition, this particular game is rather long (already over 400,000 words) with many different parts. For example, the script has a lot of branching because of the karma system, and the coding can get pretty complicated because we have so many expressions, animations, and other special features. A shorter game with more basic features probably wouldn't take as long to complete. ^^; But we wanted to push ourselves to make the best game we can, so we need more time to complete everything to the desired quality.

I hope that helps clarify things, and thanks very much for your interest!


My goodness 400,000 words?! Awesome 


Ah, that word count alone tells me all I need to know about the delay. Thank you for letting me know. I eagerly await the game.


I feel like if there was more work to kickstart or hire people to speed things up, it would be finished by now? :D Awesome game, looking forward to its release like everyone else here


Glad you're looking forward to our game! We've considered doing Kickstarter in the future so that we can hire more people to help. However, we have seen other Kickstarters get way behind schedule and fail to deliver on their promises, which makes us really anxious. We would hate to disappoint backers like that, so we’re just doing as much as we can on our own for now.  Once we're on a steadier schedule, then we can try asking for funds. :)


I'm so excited for the release of the full game and will buy it almost as soon as it comes out! You two deserve so much more attention!


Have you thought about making a Patreon?


Just out of curiosity, what does ''steady schedule'' actually mean? What would have to change for you to have more time to work on the game?
I don't mean to be, well... mean, but I feel like it'll take another couple of years to finish the game and I wonder whether there'll be a new demo version? I think, if you decided to make a Patreon or Kickstarter or whatever, it wouldn't take so much time and many fans - including me tbh - would be elated even if you're anxious about ''disappointing'' us, since we all just wanna throw money at you lol. But honestly, I don't think anyone would care, since it'd speed things up anyway.


I don't think that just having patreon or kickstarter will speed things up. In the end, it's the dev's choice if they want to receive help. I've seen this game evolve from a simple three character story to what it is now and they've done a great job just by themselves. With the number of words, it's safe to assume that the devs have a groove going for them and having so many people, who give them money, input things may just result to unnecessary pressure for them. Not saying that's what will happen, but it is a possibility. Personally, I prefer to wait rather than rush them by pushing patreon or kickstarter.