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I don't think that just having patreon or kickstarter will speed things up. In the end, it's the dev's choice if they want to receive help. I've seen this game evolve from a simple three character story to what it is now and they've done a great job just by themselves. With the number of words, it's safe to assume that the devs have a groove going for them and having so many people, who give them money, input things may just result to unnecessary pressure for them. Not saying that's what will happen, but it is a possibility. Personally, I prefer to wait rather than rush them by pushing patreon or kickstarter. 

Years ago, I was on lemmasoft forums and came across this game and now, as a 4th year college student, I came across it on to find that it's still in development. I'm not shaming but simply felt really impressed. I remember being in love with the sprites because that was the first time I've encountered animated ones and also the comments about wanting dark skinned FMC (such a strange memory I have hahaha). I really love that you guys are working so hard on this game even after years of development while also juggling real life. I've seen others who disappeared without ever updating their fanbase on the status yet you guys still actively talk to your fans. I really appreciate that. I hope to see the full version of this game especially as someone who loves long visual novels (400,000 words! I fell in love with it all over again)!