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Mining support Sticky

A topic by Fran Tovar created Jan 25, 2019 Views: 1,007 Replies: 9
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Did you have problems with your mining tools? Did you find some hidden alien bug on your ship? Are you stuck with the mission assigned to you?

Let us know about it!

Dig Deep doesn't seem to want to launch at all

PC Specs:

CPU Core i3@3.7GHz   |   16GB RAM   |   Nvidia GeFORCE GT 1030 GPU   |   445 GB Free space   |

Launching directly from or the exe file, Administrator or not, doesn't make any difference.


Hi @lonewolf00708, sorry to read that. 

Could you check if you have file called error.txt at the same folder where the executable is located? The content could shed some light on the problem. You can email it to us at 


I have error.txt in the executable folder, but opening the file via notepad yields no text at all. I also have an output.txt



I've been checking in a computer with similar specs but couldn't reproduce the issue. We're investigating other ways to have better crash reporting to get more information and address this kind of crashes.

Thanks for reporting it and sorry for any inconvenience.

In the menus, i can't see my mouse or move it

Developer (1 edit)

This is very weird... are you on windows? what version?

Maybe it's not the solution to your problem but you can use SPACE key to press the main button of the menu so meanwhile we find the problem you can keep playing.

Also you can try to play it on windowed mode, please tell me if it helps.

Stuck with mission ~”use any level 3 tool of agent“ or something like that.  My booster and shield is at level 5 and my two agents are at level 2 and 4.



Is not related to boost or shield, you need to use the special power of the agent.

First of all you need to select the most upgraded agent you have. Then, during a game, collect gold on strikes in row to fill the special power bar on the top. Then, when the power is active, use it pressing space bar.  If you don't remember how to activate the special power you could enable the tutorial in the options and follow again.

I hope it helps :)

Thank you, that does help!! Appreciate it