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Mining support Sticky

A topic by Fran Tovar created 52 days ago Views: 112 Replies: 4
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Did you have problems with your mining tools? Did you find some hidden alien bug on your ship? Are you stuck with the mission assigned to you?

Let us know about it!

Dig Deep doesn't seem to want to launch at all

PC Specs:

CPU Core i3@3.7GHz   |   16GB RAM   |   Nvidia GeFORCE GT 1030 GPU   |   445 GB Free space   |

Launching directly from or the exe file, Administrator or not, doesn't make any difference.


Hi @lonewolf00708, sorry to read that. 

Could you check if you have file called error.txt at the same folder where the executable is located? The content could shed some light on the problem. You can email it to us at 


In the menus, i can't see my mouse or move it

Developer (1 edit)

This is very weird... are you on windows? what version?

Maybe it's not the solution to your problem but you can use SPACE key to press the main button of the menu so meanwhile we find the problem you can keep playing.

Also you can try to play it on windowed mode, please tell me if it helps.