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The moddable procedurally-generated voxel-world multiplayer action shooter engine! · By Deftware

Bitphoria v1.00 Beta Released! Sticky

A topic by Deftware created Aug 30, 2016 Views: 218
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It's out, the master server is running waiting for players to start games. Don't forget to forward your ports to whatever 'sv_port' you have set when you start your game. The default server port is 13371, so use a tool like 'UPnP Wizard' to forward that port to your machine you are running a server on (both internal/external port on the forwarding should be the same). In the future I will have to include a UPnP library of some kind to automate this.

Players shouldn't have to worry about setting up any port-forwarding.

The engine is a beta, and the whole point of the release is to help accelerate getting it out of beta by recruiting the public to find bugs and exploits and whatever else that needs work. I've been working on Bitphoria for two years solid, and doing everything by myself doesn't leave much time for bug-testing.

Play around, take screenshots, YouTube it, share it with your friends. Most importantly, take a peek at the script files for the games in the 'games' folder, and see if you can't come up with your own modifications or entire new games. The Scripting Manual included should be a great help to anyone who wants to see what Bitphoria's engine is capable of.

Have fun! Tell your friends!