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Chapter 2

A topic by StepVibes created Jan 22, 2019 Views: 181
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First off, I wanna say that Chapter 2 was very dope. Not as scary as I thought it would be (even though I only played through the school), but still creeped me out at times. Now, with that being said, I wanna address some of the bugs I encountered. I noticed that the Dev(s) pushed out a patch that fixes the black screen after beating the school, so I don't need to talk about that, but getting stuck in the upgrade menu was an annoying issue for me. Not only that, but pressing 'Restart' took my entire file away. I get it, 'Restart' means start over, but that shouldn't mean a person's file has to go bye-bye. Also, going back to the blank screen issue; after exiting the game because of the blank screen, my file was erased as well, which is some pure bull-♥♥♥♥ if I must say so. Also, the door leading out once we collect the gems didn't open for me the first time. I had to die on purpose just for it to work.I think there was a couple more bugs I came across while playing, but I forgot what they were. But hey, that's what recording is for, right? Anyway, setting aside the bugs, Chapter 2 was a nice experience, and I'm looking forward to finishing it.