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This game needs a hotkey for Firing.

A topic by Tuiat created Aug 30, 2016 Views: 365 Replies: 13
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Interesting and fun~ But Clicking to drag, and move the Anti-virus. Then moving the mouse to the fire button, is near impossible.

It doesn't play too well, and if I could hit the Spacebar to fire, or E. Anything. It would make the combat much smoother.

As it is now, With such a hail of bullets. In the brief time it takes to let go of the Cannon, Reposition the mouse to the 'Fire' button, Then hope to hell that it hits the target. You've already been hit a million times.

So yeah. If we could fire with Space, or something. That'd just work so much nicer~♥ =^o^=



I think that would make it MUCH easier, so nah


.... You're kidding right?

It's not about Ease, it's about gameplay and convenience.

Can you imagine playing any other type of game that requires shooting. Placing down the controller, and reaching for an entirely separate button somewhere else, just to shoot a target? In a fast paced game, any sort, You'd miss 100% of the time.

If you want more difficulty, that's why there are difficulty options, such as Impossible mode. More bullets, a faster moving target. Possibly extra abilities not seen in lower difficulties. You don't want a game that's difficult to control and play.

Agree with Tuiat, this game is super nice (reminds me of Undertale) but very frustrating to play with the mouse only. Windows 98 already had keyboard shortcuts for pressing buttons. :P


This is something I'm really unsure about, as the game would be much easier like this. Future levels would have to be designed to be a lot harder if I want to maintain the difficulty I want, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps the first fight would be better off easier, as it is also somewhat of a tutorial level. I dunno.

I understand, but think of any other game while holding a controller. Usually the right stick is used to aim, While another button is the trigger.

Think of the keyboard in the same way. Each button should be within reaching distance for the most control over any situation. Yeah, It would make the game easier for sure, But there's a difference between a Hard game, and a game that's hard to play. It's all about striking a balance between Easy to learn, but difficult to Master. :)

At least give my suggestion a trial, see what the response is from the public~ ^^ Hope it goes well~


I just made a test version of the game with the spacebar being used to fire. Here's the post where I discuss this, and provide a test version to try.


The next version of the game will use the spacebar to fire!

Woo~! :D That's great to hear.

I find the games biggest flaw (now) that holding down the mouse button constantly is a pain (literally) I wish we could just click it once and it would follow the mouse until you get hit, then you have to click it again, probably won't happen though.


Yeah, this won't happen. The controls are supposed to be like how Windows works.

Yeah, that's exactly what I expected, it just feels like it takes away from the enjoyment of the game when you have to constantly hold the mouse down for extended lengths of time while doing precision dodging, if you had a cursor sort of "clip on" when you clicked the window it would simulate dragging the window visually, and the shots would make the hand drop it, but as it is it's just (to me) not enjoyable to play for very long at a time.

Other than that thought I love the game, love the concept, love the humor, good job.


Thank you! I might consider it if a lot of people have the same complaint, but you're the first to bring this up. For me, it would take away from the experience, so I don't really see a reason to do it right now.