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PWA huge for

A topic by NetCinematics created Jan 21, 2019 Views: 143 Replies: 1
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Hello everyone,

My team did a deep-dive on API and PWA . And it looks like PWA is potentially HUGE for

PWA was recently in progress in Safari iOS and we see "Add to Homescreen" working in latest update. could be 1st and best in class. Please consider minor API REDIRECT to create new delivery category.


1) Many App Icons on User Homescreen.

2) BONUS: PWA gives parity with App Stores.



On purchase - a REDIRECT to PWA page (similar to HTML), just add: KEY param for Server Auth, on ok, REDIRECT to PWA URL, and trigger INSTALL prompt on load.  That’s it!

(also user error handling)


DESIRED SEQUENCE (in more detail):



 - In Embed > New  “BUY APP” button > Pay > Success window.

 -  In Success Window: “OPEN APP” button > 1) REDIRECT to Itch PWA URL with KEY param.

 -  Server API confirms KEY, against PWA URL, and user_id (proof-of-purchase OR no access by server);

  - Success Auth > serves PWA 200  > Else error redirect 304.

  -  Show PWA install CONFIRM PROMPT  on PWA load.

                > Meaning: after Manifest is validated, as “beforeinstallprompt” fires > immediately call .prompt()        


We see the result of that as pretty powerful for  STREAMING EPISODIC CONTENT (later).

 Above all: apps all on the “Homescreen” – one tap away from  “frictionless”

 We want to make Long-Running EPICS and stream ADVENTURE EPISODES, in this way, through PWA and

We think PWA makes the best platform.


What do you think? : )

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Any thoughts on this awesome new technology at all?

UPDATE: it looks like (after auth and payment confirmation) all that is needed is a 304 redirect, instead of download. Hope that helps. 

Link included shortly.