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Nuclear Throne Together

An online multiplayer mod for Nuclear Throne. · By YellowAfterlife

Making custom mutations/weapons etc.

A topic by DJStrings created 88 days ago Views: 139 Replies: 5
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Hi everyone, just wondering how would one make it where you add your own mutations or weapons to the game?

Many thanks!


Also a quick question I need to ask 

ive downloaded the most recent NTT v9940 and its not loading up anything, any solutions? thanks


Loading up: see if you have a leftover file in game directory and remove it if so

Custom content: a document called NTT-Scripting is included in the download and covers the matters in depth. Also see the tutorial.

Thanks! loading situation is now sorted

for custom guns and mutations is there any templates of some sort? im a rubbish coder to be honest lol


There's a weapon maker mod that gives you code for a customized gun.

For mutations you'll usually have to learn some coding and/or ask around unless it's something very basic

Ok thanks for the help!

 I'm on currently making some guns for a mod pack that I can hopefully upload 

One of them is making an infinite minigun with custom sprites, ill let you know how it goes