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A topic by Dan Sanderson created Jan 19, 2019 Views: 669 Replies: 6
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This is where I'll post updates about the progress of the full version of the game. Look out for screenshots, GIFs and perhaps game play videos. 

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Apartment interiors - I've started building the interiors of the apartment buildings. This (I think) is going to be the start position of the game and will contain plenty of items you'll need for the rest of your journey.

Apartment layout.

As you can see, I've started work on the kitchen. The living area is the large room in the centre. Next to the kitchen is the bathroom and a bedroom opposite the kitchen.
Kitchen building.
I'm using the fridge from First Winter but still need to add animation, so you can open the doors and loot the shelves.
Kitchen - Oven
This is also from First Winter, however I've added a grill on the top and re-textured it to look more grotty.
Kitchen - Looking out
A shot looking out of the kitchen. In the distance you can see (what will become) the bathroom.

Kitchen taking shape

I've started added kitchen units.
View of kitchen units.
Next job is to texture all of the units and handles.
Close up of sink and taps.

Kitchen layout complete

Happy with all the cupboards, drawers and layout.
I'm quite proud of this sink.
I love this view from outside the kitchen.

hi buddy just played this game and i loved every minute of it 

I wonder when this will be finished. I hope to play this on my channel soon. But I'm not in a rush, because you never rush art.

hi I’m just asking when will the full version of the game release?