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Easystar plugin

A topic by Meganegora created Aug 29, 2016 Views: 258 Replies: 5
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Has anyone tried the easystar plugin? I need a example file to get me started...I'll keep trying though. Just trying to wrap my head around how everything is connected with superpowers.

I have actually used the plugin in a few projects, and i wrote a small guide of use that you can find here https://github.com/SparedRay/superpowers-game-SparedRay-easystarjs-plugin (my version and ralmn's, which you are probably using are basically the same so you wont have to make any change). Hope it helps

Wow thanks! This is perfect. I missed this guide somehow.

Err. How do you install plugins in OS X anyway? There is no app/plugins folder that I can find in application support or the apps package..


Well, i have never used OSX, but if you want to install a plugin manually you should have a folder structure similar to ~/Library/Application Support/Superpowers/systems/game/plugins and inside that create a folder structure like this name_of_author/name_of_plugin
Or if you want to use the official way, go to settings tab in superpowers app and will appear the list of plugin available for each system.

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Finally got it to work lol. I didn't realize the order of the actors in the scene mattered. Kept getting undefined errors that didn't make a lot of sense to me. So when i rearranged my actors I was shocked to see this guy run across the field.


Getting an undefined area when he reaches his destination but I think I can work it out.