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Miscellaneous comments and storyline feedback

A topic by dergdergdergderg created 27 days ago Views: 119 Replies: 1
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First, I wanted to say that I am quite impressed with the game.  It isn't my usual style of game, but I downloaded it after seeing a number of recommendations, and I really like the writing style.  

In terms of feedback, there have been a few points that seem inconsistent in terms of either the plot/narrative.  Maybe these are things that have in-game explanations that I've missed (I've done two playthroughs, so I haven't seen everything), or are planned for more exploration in future builds, but they struck me as odd enough that I thought I'd mention them.  

  • The biggest one is the revelation in Ch. 19 that the old man from the beginning is Poseidon.  I went back on my second playthrough and paid attention to the initial scene, and the dialogue and description seem to point to it being Clement.  While there are certainly some lines that would make sense for either of them (e.g. expressing regret at past actions), some seem to indicate Clement pretty strongly (spending summers in a vineyard, referring to being a child at one point, referring to "throwing away" the hotel, etc.).  
    • Theoretically it could be Poseidon pretending to be Clement, but...why would he do that?  It doesn't matter to the MC, who doesn't know Clement.  And if it's a manifestation of senility, then why would it specifically be Clement and not someone else?
    • There's also a *lack* of sea imagery in the description, which seems odd given the general writing style (especially with how much there is when describing Asterion).
    • Shouldn't Asterion know if Clement is alive?  He felt when Jean-Marie died, and says in Ch. 1 that he always knows who the current Master is.  Yet he is as surprised as anyone else to learn that Clement has been dead for months.
  • The other part that seems inconsistent is Pedro's confusion in the music shop.  Admittedly, he is very drunk in this scene, which undoubtedly contributes--but still, while he (until now) hasn't been wealthy, he hasn't been absolutely dirt-poor like Oscar either.  He's held at least one decent, fairly stable job that probably had benefits like a retirement plan.  Yet he seems completely baffled by the very *concept* that being rich means that someone doesn't have to work.

So those were a couple of things I found confusing.  Overall, though, good work--I'm looking forward to the next build!  (Here's hoping that Kota manages to finally find Onsen....)

well for one, it's intentionally ambiguous for poseidon to pass of as clement. the mc has no reference to recognize either of them and would reasonably conclude that was clement who passed the hotel for him once he learned of the story. i forget the exact wording but try and reinterpret his story as someone who lived his younger years in ancient greece and regrets failing to prevent his son from being sentenced to the hotel. keep in mind poseidon is meant to be a bit senile when you meet him. i don't know if asterion would know, clement just kind of rushed everyone out. not sure if he even went through the process of becoming the new master. also he's been stuck to that room you find him for 80 years. he probably was too numb to feel anything.

as for pedro, he is like middle class, that's very different from being so rich you could burn piles of your money and still not have to work a day in life anymore. there's a huge shift on your sense of purpose, when getting money is no longer a motive for you to work and do things.