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LDVR's Coinvault for the Vive

Play with your stacks of gold pillaged from early access wealth. · By ldvr

​0.1.3 : Call Upon the Oracle (Cooperative Play)

A topic by ldvr created Aug 28, 2016 Views: 203
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YouTube Update Review

Are you the world's greatest thief?

Not without help from your Oracle.

The Oracle is your cooperative assistant in helping you complete Vault Raids. Additionally, the Oracle functions somewhat as a game master in helping to steer the direction of play while also being a useful participant.

- Call out warnings "You have an unidentified object heading behind you"

- Spawn tools that the Thief will find useful--until the budget is gone.


In the new Raid Vault, the grip button is swapped with the trigger button. I am exploring this as the alternative "pickup" button after feedback that the grip buttons make it too hard to pickup objects.

Player Home Vault:

CPU Coinvaults:

- Countdown Timer moved to Oracle. You want to know the time before you're toast? Better ask the Oracle!

- New Vault: Darkness, Traps, and Oracle Coordination

- Changed: Capture Device count from 3 to 1 in the sample CPU Vault mission

- Replaced: spinning cubes with razor-sharp blades that stick up from the floor (don't get hit by them!)

- Getting caught: Getting caught by a sentry or impaled by a spike will lose you 15 coin.

- Running out of time: Taking too long means you forfeit what you got and then some. You'll lose 30 coin.


- Added Oracle functionality to change cameras, start a cpu vault raid, review player loot and spawn assistant toys to enable the Thief to perform the task at hand. The Oracle is accessible only from the desktop station. The Oracle is designed to be a real time partner.


- Thief may have more than one loot bag in the scene now via Oracle. LootBags are 10 cp each.

- Thief may have more than one flashlight in the scene now via Oracle. Flashlights are 5 cp each.

- LootBag: Now you pickup lootbag where you grabbed it.

- LootBag: You can no longer throw the lootbag to the giant pile of coins. You'll need to get your thievin' self over there.

- LootBag: Thief lootbags in Player Vault will still spawn coins via grip button to pickup and trigger to pull. I am looking at alternative ideas to get the coins to rain.


- Well, I discovered Unity's UI library and the Steam VRTK UI system play nicely when one of them is in the works, but when you try to use both at the same time you start seeing all sorts of weird behavior. So, the Kiosks are gone and I'm looking to replace them with something else. A solution will be back for 0.1.4. I'm not sure yet to lean on there being most of the Ui interaction controlled by the Oracle or to split some of that with the player. The cooperative play is very fun!

Feedback welcome!

0.1.2 : Vault Raiding Begins

Are you the world's greatest thief?

So, I asked myself, what if you could fill your vault with goods stolen from other vaults? And I thought this was such an awesome idea that I added a version 1, suitable by itch standards, of this idea!

Now, the question is different. Are you the world's greatest thief?

Seriously, that might be my tagline for Coinvault going forward. I really like it.


  • Plunder other vaults! For now, there's only one vault and it's controlled by a computer. Don't get caught by the sentries or they'll send you packing. You have sixty seconds to fill your bag with the coins of the vault you find yourself in. Be quick or be caught!
  • Fixed: You'll trip if you try to move carrying the sword. The sword will tumble forward. Why is there a sword? Pffft. Don't ask such questions!
  • Fixed: Moving with the coins sometimes caused them to lumber ahead and then back like a slingshot. Yeah, super annoying. That's fixed. Known bugs on some coins may still have this problem. Let me know when you see a coin with this problem and I'll fix it.
  • In the new coin slot window mini-game, for every 5 coins you'll receive a bronze coin. For every 10 you'll receive a purple. These bonus coins will fall from the coin tube. These coins spawn in accordance with the holy writ of the airspeed velocity of an Unladen Swallow.
  • Added a map so the player won't get lost.
  • Added a list of secret things to be on the lookout for, if such things interest you.
  • Added a stone vault filled with loot. The only way to get to the bridge is to figure out how to unlock it.
  • Added a flashlight so it's safer to cross the dark bridge. Spoiler: there's a secret bridge.
  • Added a daily bonus... that I'm aware of some issues with.
  • Added a terminal to show player's plunder count. The stats here are subject to change.
  • The terminals for vault upgrades and raid gear upgrades is currently locked while I detail how these mechanics will work down at the pub.

0.1.1 Update: The One With Moneybags

By Request, the following changes are now available for your coin swimming ways.

  • The coins now fall from the ceiling via a pipe
  • Refreshed the artwork to make it pop more
  • Teleport added so you can move around the entire vault room. Enjoy the full space of your vault.
  • Added two moneybags. If you pick them up and pull the trigger, you'll open the bag and 20 or so coins will fill into the room. The thumbpads still work for one coin at a time.
  • Removed the vault artwork featuring Lawn Darts VR in favor of a white poster that simply says "Vault 1".

Because there's better titles:

- Added a bouncing magic red ball. It's a space basketball.

And because it's not ready:

- Added a console that you can't use.