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Gradius - Linked Konami Sprites Issue (Solved)

A topic by ThePurple created Jan 13, 2019 Views: 98 Replies: 5
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Hey all! Came upon a rather strange issue... I'm wishing to edit the Gradius 3dn file, in a similar vein to my Metroid project, but while cleaning up some of the sprites, I noticed a linking issue with the Konami Logo. While trimming the black outline on the 'mi' section, I noticed that any changes would effect the 'ko' at the start, usually tearing through the sprite. I'm guessing this is due to one being a kind of inverted sprite, but in its current state I can't adjust it without issues occurring. I have attempted cloning, but this does not work either, since the black outline will still be present when overlaid. Is this something that could perhaps be solved with coding? It's a minor issue, but it's driving me crazy.Here is the default appearance of it in the editor, when I am attempting to make adjustments.

However, after these adjustments, this tearing occurs in the 'ko' section, which appear to be linked. I also noticed that the color index changes slightly, which makes me wonder if this is part of the issue. (As a side-note, this issue occurs even when merging the two into one sprite, or actually, they refuse to merge at all.)

When I set the mode to real as well, they seem to both turn into the same sprite, creating 'minami' as it were. Is there a way to fix this with coding? I'm not exactly an expert with coding, so any help would be appreciated!

Two shapes used the same pattern/sprite set with different color palettes to hide/show different part of the sprite  by switching a color index to black - the background one :)

Oh, I see! Is there a way to correct this, or is it just stuck like this? I'm unsure how, or even if this could be solved, really.

Create two instances for that pattern. And in script enable one, disable one based on the shape color palette.

Another solution if you don't know scripting is group KON into a pattern then AMI into another pattern.

Aha! I was able to solve it using this solution, sort of. Instead of selecting a shape, I had to move into the tile selector, and create a new object by selecting all of 'KO' and the top left corner of 'N' which successfully de-linked the two. I then had to carefully trim with the eraser color, or else part of the N would also be erased, but it worked, and now there are no black edges to speak of! Thanks!