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Advance Wars meets Final Fantasy Tactics in this tactical strategy game of kingdom conquest and domination! · By Explosive

Nice game but it needs an option to turn edge scroll on/off

A topic by TokyoDan created Aug 28, 2016 Views: 365 Replies: 3
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This is a very nice game but I have a pet peeve with games that play out on a scrolling map...and that is when the mouse cursor is moved to the map/screen edges, the map scrolls. There should be an option to turn edge scroll on/off. With edge scroll turned off the map should be able to be scrolled with the arrow or wasd keys, or perhaps right mouse button drag.

In this game the edge scroll is serious because just moving the mouse cursor to the end turn arrow at the bottom left of the screen will cause the map to fly away from the view that you may have wanted to keep.

So just put in that option and an alternate way to scroll the map and the game will be really good.



Thanks for the feedback! I'll add the options in the next build!


@TokyoDan The new build is up which adds scroll options and a few others. :)

Great. I'll give it another try!