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LDVR's Coinvault for the Vive

Play with your stacks of gold pillaged from early access wealth. · By ldvr

​ Update: The One Between

A topic by ldvr created Aug 28, 2016 Views: 240
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Developer (4 edits) : )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

- New logo: Woot! New logo, looks WAY better!

The Shattered Red:

- Fixed: There is a ledge from which You May Not Pass as the oracle. You can sneak beyond it as the VR player.

- Updates to the visuals for room1. Starting to do some interior decorating.

- Added more ledges to jump to the final room area

VR Player:

- Can now open the door in room 1via a holographic pin access panel that shows. Tweaks are coming as we get closer to 0.1.4!

- Fixed: Daggers now walk with the player. Previously the dagger would disappear, sometimes causing the controller to disappear. This is corrected.


In will be more work around weapons. In this update, the following two weapons are available.

- Crude Dagger

- Rusy Dagger

Security Spike:

- Security spike is remodeled. Place the spike on a terminal or computer to gain entry.


- Oracle gets a pretty sweet model, with lights to light the dark.

- Oracle is able to jump further with a slight glide.

- Oracle control scheme is much improved. The directional issue is corrected with W-A-S-D.

- Oracle menu now lets you preview the item before purchasing. Also, you can drag the preview window around.

Oracle Abilities:

Testing new abilities.

- NEW: Attract Coin. Attracts nearby coins towards the Oracle.

- NEW: Orient. Oracle automatically faces the player no-matter where they are at in the Vault.

- NEW: Seal. Closes All Open Doors in the current Vault. Movement speed of the door is the same as opening. The door must have already arrived at it's prior destination.

- NEW: Shimmer. Transfers all collected loot in the lootbags to the master vault, making it available to the Oracle.

- NEW: Minor Heal. Oracle heals self for 10-15 HP.

Oracle Progression:

- Oracle XP progression up to level 20 is in place. A button will show when it's time for Oracle to level up. Note Economy change below.


- LootBag 5 CP (previously 10CP)

- Flashlight 15 CP (was 25)

- LootBag coin collect grants +5 XP to Oracle

- Gaining a level will set the HP to the HP max of the new level. Same with Oracle Points.


- Can't pickup the red ball.

- ??HowtoReproduce: Changing camera in home vault may cause disorientation.