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Development Progress #2

A topic by doofusgames created Jan 12, 2019 Views: 18
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Since the Demo’s release, we have been listening to feedback on multiple platforms. With this and our own advice, we have fixed a lot and improved a lot, so we made a list of all fixes and improvements. This isn’t an update to the demo. These will be the Improvements in the main game.

Here they are in full:

  • Fixed Multiple Typos
  • Better Controller Support
  • Updating Combat
  • Added Lore Pieces (More on this soon)
  • Enemies will battle upon Player Touch, instead of interact.
  • Updated Controls Generally
  • And Much, Much, More smaller ones.

We Want the stories that are told in Covenia to be Authentic and Interesting. We will be showing you more on the story of Pact & Covenant in the next Devlog, as well as Lore Contributions and the story of Covenia.

Also, Yes, Yaragar Is coming, and yes, we will show you. I would say that Yaragar is about 15% Completed, and the game as a whole is the probably the same.

Covenia is a fictional world that is diverse with stories from the people within it. It is up to the player how these stories play out, and we at Doofus Games are striving to make P&C an RPG worth playing. We believe in creative storytelling, as well as dynamic and fun Gameplay, and we feel that an RPG is perfect for both of these things.

We are so thankful that you have supported us, and believed in us here.

So wholeheartedly we say, Thank you for following the development of Pact & Covenant.