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Pact & Covenant’s story takes place in Covenia and other realms within the P&C Universe. You play as Vasilias, an old caravan guard travelling from Sailn. His best friend, Lawrence, goes missing after a devastating storm and it is up to the player to find him.

Lore and Setup

Pact & Covenant is only one story in the Atreyan Universe. Atreya (Ate-ree-uh or Uh-tray-uh, pronounced differently based on fictional culture) is the continent in which Covenia and multiple other countries are on.

Covenia is the forest region of Atreya. It has interesting, albeit dark history. Uncover the world of Covenia in-game by talking to People, or readding books off of shelves.

The storm that sweeps through the region at the beginning of the game is a Helstorm, A storm that is so destructive, it causes death and suffering to those caught in the rains. It has no Correlation with the realm as far as humans are concerned, but the church is concerned.

Story Details

When Vasilias wakes up, he finds himself at a camp where his saviors wait. They get him to come back to life and teach him the ropes of surviving in Covenia (Tutorial). From here, Vasilias with travel all through Covenia to find Vasilias, but his other intentions are up to you. Vasilias may be a saint to Covenia, or he may be a cruel monster.

Side quests are what determine the reputation of Vasilias. Most side quests have multiple endings and could end in a bad or good fashion, and some side quests are linear, having only one ending.

The main story however, can also determine the Rep. of Vasilias. Certain Scenarios have moral weight, and depending on the outcome, some story characters may change their view on the player character, thus affecting the story ending.

The Story will take you to both of the realms, Hell and Heaven, and maybe even to different countries. The story is interesting, with characters with rich back stories and personalities, and interesting scenarios.


Pact & Covenant will feature a story with multiple endings, interesting characters, moral decisions, and rich lore. We hope that you enjoy the Story of Pact & Covenant as much as we did making it. Thank you!

Damn... From one dev to another... My sincere Condolences

Pact & Covenant community · Created a new topic Poll

We Value Player Feedback. Please vote on this poll regarding which combat system you like.

Vote here.

Since the Demo’s release, we have been listening to feedback on multiple platforms. With this and our own advice, we have fixed a lot and improved a lot, so we made a list of all fixes and improvements. This isn’t an update to the demo. These will be the Improvements in the main game.

Here they are in full:

  • Fixed Multiple Typos
  • Better Controller Support
  • Updating Combat
  • Added Lore Pieces (More on this soon)
  • Enemies will battle upon Player Touch, instead of interact.
  • Updated Controls Generally
  • And Much, Much, More smaller ones.

We Want the stories that are told in Covenia to be Authentic and Interesting. We will be showing you more on the story of Pact & Covenant in the next Devlog, as well as Lore Contributions and the story of Covenia.

Also, Yes, Yaragar Is coming, and yes, we will show you. I would say that Yaragar is about 15% Completed, and the game as a whole is the probably the same.

Covenia is a fictional world that is diverse with stories from the people within it. It is up to the player how these stories play out, and we at Doofus Games are striving to make P&C an RPG worth playing. We believe in creative storytelling, as well as dynamic and fun Gameplay, and we feel that an RPG is perfect for both of these things.

We are so thankful that you have supported us, and believed in us here.

So wholeheartedly we say, Thank you for following the development of Pact & Covenant.

The demo for P&C comes tomorrow. With that said, there are a few things we need to say. First, all that you see is most likely a placeholder. NOTHING IS FINAL! Second, There will be things wrong. This is part of why we’re doing this. If you see something wrong (Design flaw, typo, etc.) or something doesn’t work, COMMENT! We are working to make this our best game.

If you are reading this post demo launch, Here’s some pointers.

  • Read the README. It’s important.
  • We will buff Enemies at launch of the full game.
  • You do start at LVL 15 with decent armor.

We are super excited to have you try our game. This will be the only demo for the game. You will also have to download the runtime package again. This is temporary and you may not have to do this in the full game. You can find the RTP Here:

Thank you for following the development of Pact & Covenant. Enjoy the Demo!

Pact & Covenant community · Created a new topic Jouston

Jouston is a town in southwestern Covenia. It’s a farm town Based entirely on that. It currently has a troll problem and has a terribly dark history, that you uncover in-game. There’s a shop, Clinic, and Mayoral office.

How will you interact with Jouston?

In Pact & Covenant, there are two different kinds of stats. There are Base Stats, and Temporary Stats. These stats are different and unique in that Base stats stay with Vasilias and Companions Permanently, whereas Temporary Stats exist only in conversation.

Base Stats help with battles. Their values are determined by your level, and what you have equipped, as some things increase these values. These stats are vital and will be needed to win battles.

On the contrary, Temporary stats are used in conversation. There are 2 variations of Temporary Stats: Persuasion and Intimidation.

Persuasion, while being the harder method to convince people, is definitely friendlier. This method won’t deteriorate people’s view of Vasilias.

On the other hand, intimidation is less friendlier, but easier. This WILL Deteriorate peoples view of Vasilias.

We have a new Subreddit for DG!

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