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Online Open World Multiplayer Zombie Survival Game · By chaozz

Constructive criticism

A topic by JohnRmS created 72 days ago Views: 148 Replies: 7
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Well, I quite like indie games and I respect a lot.
For your game to have more players and get your attention, you need to have individuality because everyone who has played games of survival are saturated with the same thing, so create new things that attract attention.
I played for a while and I got tired of playing because to have loots you need to stay more than 20-40 min walking to possibly find an item.

Congratulations on the development of the game so far and do not give up, a hug

- John


Hi John, thanks for commenting. I get what you're saying, but you're not giving me any pointers on how to improve the game. That would actually be even more constructive criticism.

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Tutorial as soon as you start the game with the simple commands that are in F1 ex: "Click on F1 for more commands". If there is no stamina for a button to run automatic (I believe that even if there is stamina the "automatic run" is great)

Creation of items: find wood on the ground, rope, stone etc to create ax to pick up woods and make safe place and survive the night, make torches for the night. 

Simplify the craft, to catch the ax quickly or an iten preset in the buttons numbers above the textual

Night is dark okay, but it's dark enough to the point that you can not see anything, enabling this will help a lot, later being able  just torches.

Status of the character in some place of hers (thirst, hunger, stamina, bleeding etc). When the character dies the respawn is not so far away that the player has the ability to fetch his items, but since he has a dead body, the zombie respawn next to it increases a bit to become more dynamic and difficult (and because not by an animation of a zombie eating the body? :D )

Bussola (NSWE) with numbers, divide by km on the map, no location items (game start) by an approximate margin where possibly the character is so easy to go somewhere that maybe has items and / or meet friends , create a system that you should find something that gives to create a GPS maybe to have the most accurate location.

The zombies: Do not listen to them just running screams, I got scared when it suddenly appeared and died haha, zombies dropar you to craft, like clothes, ribbons to make bandages or drop bandages (to stop bleeding for example, you can chance to drop as you please)

More constructions: camps, wooden houses of former residents (some looking like they were destroyed by zombies).

audio settings ( music ex )


Thanks for taking the time to respond. I do however want to stress that the game is currently in alpha stage, so most stuff is not ready.

Tutorial: when you start up the game the chat states how to open the help screen

Creation of items: you can find rocks and sticks and create an axe. Torches are not yet in the game, but I like that idea.

The inventory screen shows your hunger and thirst, but only when they need attention. Same goes for bleeding and sickness.

The map in the game is a paper map. It does not show your location, just like in real life. Besides, the map is not that big, and there are plenty of items to tell you where you are. There is also a road all around the island which makes navigation easier. Lastly, the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west. You can use that too. Survival.

Zombies drop items. It's just not common. Only the hospital patient zombies drop bandages.

You can craft entire houses from wood already. Did you look around the island? :)

Again, thanks for commenting, but from what I've read you've not played the game enough to form a well formed opinion.

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> Again, thanks for commenting, but from what I've read you've not played the game enough to form a well formed opinion.

Bad attitude ... You should never write that. You might think it but never write it.  You should be able to use the feedback as how game is experienced as a new player.  But at least just say thanks and drop the rest.


I explained in great detail how the game works and was polite and understanding. If somebody finds that hard to handle, that is not really my fault. 

Okay... (Game deleted)