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No, but utilizing a solo playstyle makes possible to avoid interaction with other players. Camp out in the mountain area with your tent and only live off deer meat and boiled water.

thank you!

yes, did you get an email when you registered? If not, https://survius.com/gane/resendvalidation.php

Then your ping is probably over 200 for each server.

Should be up in an hour.

Should be up in an hour.

It seems the host is having some issues. I reverted to the old hosting. If the problem persists, I will upload the files to itch.io itself. Please let me know if it works in an hour or so.

Replied to Winji in Survius comments

There are non for now. Just download and try. Set everything to Lowest and ingame disable Wind and Grass and it should run even on a potato.

Replied to Danium in Survius comments


on the itch.io page. https://chaozz.itch.io/survius

Replied to Danium in Survius comments

Don't wait for my approval. Donate!

Visit https://survius.com/game/resendvalidation.php

You know what it also needs? Donations :)

What did you do that changed the error? The new error still indicates the game is being blocked.

That means your firewall or virusscanner is blocking the game from accessing the backend server.

If only it was that simple :P

It means your ping is too high to join any of the servers. You either have really show internet or live in Australia.

At this point it's anybody's guess, since you don't really describe your problem really well. Do you get an error?

Replied to brunog in Survius comments

yes, that is normal.

Replied to Lefl in Survius comments

Hahahaha... the priorities of a one man dev team are mysterious. :P

less than 10 seconds. What is the username you registered?

you can disable wind and grass and decrease view distance

on the lowest settings and with wind and grass turned off, sure

Replied to T4O2M0 in Survius comments

in game. :)

The exact message would help me a lot.

Every day at noon.

No, you can simply install it over the old one.

No, it can not be broken by other players.

This is an alpha. A donation would help. :)

It means your ping is over 250 for every game server. Which country are you in?>


The upload wasn't complete yet.

Replied to Danium in Survius comments

Thank you for that comment. Made me smile :)

It's a bug in the current version. A fix is underway.

Thank you for reporting the bugs. I will hopefully fix it this weekend.

my account on the file server was having problems, not your accounts. :)


Your caps-lock is broken, and you forgot to say please.

Thank you! What difficulties do you have?

No. It's an open world multiplayer game. So log into the same server with your friends. Find a remote place on the map and start building a base.