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What is your nickname? 

Woops, forgot to upload it. Uploading it now. Should be up in 20 minutes max.

Okay, have fun. 

There is no user with that email address.


Sorry, support is in English only. 

Replied to bbokka in Survius comments
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You're not playing a finished game. This is an alpha game. It's filled with bugs. I'm sure you'd like me to fix it, so please report the bug on the forums and help the game move forward.

I'm working on a fix. Should work again in about 3 hours or so.

I have manually activated your account now.

I suggest that the person asking for support does the effort of translating his question. I speak Dutch and English.

I have manually activated your account!

What is your username? 


The Free version of Unity doesn't support modular updating. Sorry.

Replied to OcGuy1 in Survius comments

No. I just keep re-uploading the same game with a different version number.

surviussurvius.com should be survius.com. I activated your account for you (when I clicked the link to verify if it worked) :)

Can you paste the URL here? 

You're welcome!

Thank you! 

Available for download right now.

It's now available for download buddy!

I checked your account and found the problem. It is now fixed.

Replied to zeusu in Survius comments

I can't read anything you typed, but the screenshot helps. You  need to download the game again, as you do not have the latest version (like the screenshot clearly notes).

The latest version is 0.9.6.

Replied to JeanDS in Survius comments

I see the game has since removed the account because it wasn't activated within 24 hours. I can create a new one for you, or you can register again yourself.

I haven't forgotten about you. I will compile it tomorrow

Thanks, try now!

Not sure what you said, but judging by the word 'pid', you have a common error. I fixed all these accounts, so please try the game again.

Replied to Mskeng in Survius comments

Thank you for your report. I checked your account and indeed saw a problem with it. I fixed this and it should work now. Please confirm.

Replied to JeanDS in Survius comments

A username would help :)

A username would help :)

I wanted to nominate this for "The best unban-request of 2017". But you forgot to mention your username in the game, so I have no idea *WHO* to actually unban (if an unban is in place).

Something got mixed up during compiling. I will fix this with the next build that should be out soon.

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Replied to OcGuy1 in Survius comments

Hit a tree with an axe.

Great bug report, sadly not in any language I speak. :(

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Every player is basically a tester, since the game is still in alpha. Visit the game forums and join the discussions there. https://survius.com/forums

I couldn't tell you. I modelled every single building myself. I have used assets from the asset store obviously, since I am still in alpha stage, trying stuff out.

Try https://survius.com/game/resendvalidation.php

Because it's a zombie survival game probably. It's the same genre. But without the big development team, or price tag for that matter. Compare it all you want, I consider this one a compliment.

Thanks and enjoy!!