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please report on the forums. 

Are you able to visit https://survius.com in your browser?

do you get an error?


Ok, you're good to go.

I unbanned the player named filhaoo ,  but that is not you?

Need a refund?

You're unbanned

You didn't know using a cheat was illegal?

Replied to Dumps in Survius comments

The game is FREE. If you donate 5 euro's you can customize your character.

It was a year ago, so sure, I will lift your ban. No problem.

You were banned a year ago for using a wallhack :)

The game banned you for using a speedhack.

Thank you :)

wow, thanks =)

Just for the record, you are unbanned.


Replied to Meta in Survius comments

where are you located in the world?

Replied to Meta in Survius comments

This means your ping is over 250 for each of the servers. Your internet is either too slow, or you don't live near one of the servers (USA, South America, Europe, Asia)

Replied to Zlin in Survius comments

There also was a bug in the loot system which I fixed yesterday. It's a fix in the backend so no need to download a new version of the game.

Replied to foxane in Survius comments

The game is free, but I accept donations! And just try downloading it to see how high your ping is, there are servers in US, SA, EU and ASIA.

The ban reason states: Banned for being a duplicate of abughoush90

That player was banned for harassment and foul language in the game chat. If you like you can dispute the ban by registering on the forums. I also saw your email about failing to register on the forums. I took the liberty of resetting your password, and supplying the new password via email.

Replied to Zlin in Survius comments

perhaps you were playing in between spawn moments, or you weren't looking in the right places.

its an unfair comparison. You can't compare my free one man project with paid triple a titles.

which version?

This weekends update should fix most of those issues.

For crafting press C (or CTRL in some older versions).

The update 0.8.5 is being tested internally right now. I just sent RC3 to the testers and hopefully I can release it this weekend.

Friendly reminder: the game is free. I remember you, you were the guy that said he would only donate if you got instant support.

I only deleted all your duplicates. You were cluttering the comments.

This game is absolutely not without issues. That is why it is in alpha, and I don't charge people, while I keep sinking in time and money.

The build supports both Linux versions. Read https://survius.com/forums/thread-843.html for more details.

It's both right now. I'm still busy building it, but I find it fun. So do others. Meet them on https://survius.com/forums

You should try using an external mouse. Also read this: https://survius.com/forums/thread-1628.html?highlight=mac+keyboard

Damnit! Too late!

Replied to sirr in Survius comments

every item has a set lifespan. Buildings that are not maintained vanish.

just like on a real paper map? ;-)

I rather not store your password in plain text in the windows registry.

Much appreciated!

Replied to xSayZ in Survius comments

currently you can not.

Sounds like the server was offline. Does it work now for you?

Timeout usually means there is a problem with the backend server. Can you please try again now?