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Yes. The account setup was disabled temporarily but is now back online.

Survius community · Posted in game

The game has been transferred to a new developer. This means the game will continue to be available as-is and will probably finally get the updates it so desperately needs.


How high is your ping to the server you're connecting to?

When you experience this, do other players that are online have the same issue, or is it just you?

I will need some form of proof. I'm guessing all people here are from the same clan, so you all have the same story. Don't get me wrong, if someone cheats, and I have proof of that, they will get banned. Period.

Please try and record one of the hackers using Fraps.

Your entire post is one sentence, thus a bit difficult to read. From what I gather, you're having performance issues with the game. Before we dive into this issue, do you care to explain what kind of system are you running this on?

Moving cars are pretty dificult for a one man development team to create. I'd rather focus on more elaborate building mechanics first.

Ah yes, you also donated. I've activated your account. Have fun!

Did you get an email from the game with an activation link? If not, what is your ingame username?

I still maintain the server, but can't say for sure when I will release an update.

Can you make a screenshot of the issue and post that here please?

Read more here.

It should work again now.

It should work again now.

I presume this is now resolved?

This has been suggested many times before. It's not a priority right now as the map is not that big and has a few landmarks that are easy to correspond with the in-game map.

At which point in the game does it generate this error?

I will recompile it tonight. I'll post here when it's uploaded.

That means you didn't properly extract all the files from the ZIP file you downloaded. If you're in Windows 10, place the ZIP file in the desired destination folder, then right mouse click it and choose "Extract All". It will then extract all files and folders (including the Survius_data folder) to that destination folder.

Let me know if that works for you.

Create an account by Clicking in the account link on 

Or go directly to

I have compiled a universal build (both 32bit and 64bit in one package) and uploaded it to Can you test if this build works for you?


Try the new update!

The new update went live yesterday and fixes the zombie bug (and many more)!

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You haven't bought the game, because it's a free game. You might have donated, but that is not the same thing.

This game is currently 32-bit. What issue are you having with the Mac version? 

Also, I'd love to do a refund, but I'd have to know your ingame alias.

Support is given in English only.

You can create an account at