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I have now activated your account. 

Your ping is to high to join. Where are you in the world? 

Try registering again please. 

Fixed, try again. 


I explained in great detail how the game works and was polite and understanding. If somebody finds that hard to handle, that is not really my fault. 

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I do however want to stress that the game is currently in alpha stage, so most stuff is not ready.

Tutorial: when you start up the game the chat states how to open the help screen

Creation of items: you can find rocks and sticks and create an axe. Torches are not yet in the game, but I like that idea.

The inventory screen shows your hunger and thirst, but only when they need attention. Same goes for bleeding and sickness.

The map in the game is a paper map. It does not show your location, just like in real life. Besides, the map is not that big, and there are plenty of items to tell you where you are. There is also a road all around the island which makes navigation easier. Lastly, the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west. You can use that too. Survival.

Zombies drop items. It's just not common. Only the hospital patient zombies drop bandages.

You can craft entire houses from wood already. Did you look around the island? :)

Again, thanks for commenting, but from what I've read you've not played the game enough to form a well formed opinion.

Mac version is up again.

There are currently no plans for a single player version.

or, easier to remember:

Hi John, thanks for commenting. I get what you're saying, but you're not giving me any pointers on how to improve the game. That would actually be even more constructive criticism.

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Reikanara has an email address ending in which I doubt is valid. Mauneko seems to have a valid email address. Try resend ing the activation mail at

What is your username?

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My guess is that you're creating an account on the forums. You need a game account. Create on on

Weird. I will make the game log that error in the next build so I can read it fully.

One or two Alts are allowed. When you donate, let me know who it is for. I'll make sure the correct account is credited.

Did it work now?

Support is given in English only.

Yes, it does. :)

You probably registered a forum account. You need a game account:

You don't need to register on the forums, you need to register on

Please ask your question in English please.