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Akumangel English Translation?

A topic by Teatime for Cabbages created Aug 26, 2016 Views: 440 Replies: 2
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Any plans to release Akumangel in English? Unfortunately my Italian isn't good enough to translate the whole thing, but I'd happily help with proofreading if you need someone.

Developer (1 edit)

If you mean the original Akumangel, unfortunately we haven't made any plans to translate it. It's a huge block of text (more than 250.000 words) and would require many, many months of hard work, and we'd rather use our energies to create new, higher quality content.

The Madhouse Swing was actually our first attempt on a proper translation and we'd really like some feedback from English native speakers.

Understandable. Thanks a lot for translating The Madhouse Swing, though! I'll definitely give you feedback when I get a chance.