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6.01 Will not start on Mac

A topic by jebrick created Jan 06, 2019 Views: 281 Replies: 6
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Tried to start a new game on the new 6.01 build and it stops at the choose level screen.  Does not seem to matter what option is chosen.

That is super weird. I'm a bit concerned now.

Have subsequent versions worked for you?

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Downloaded the v01.02.2019 and it works

Game fails to start on mac for me as well, (downloaded v01.02.2019 and v20.01.2019) I get as far as name and avatar selection and then clicking start game progresses me no further. 

Unfortunately the games is not starting on my mac as well. I tried 6.02 and 7.02 version. After selecting the difficulty it stucks. Any ideas?

This issue has been fixed, BUT it relies on the game being placed in a folder where the game has read privileges. For one user, this just meant taking the game out of the Downloads folder - try moving it somewhere else and trying again?