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Tales of Heilotia

A topic by Felisibia created Aug 25, 2016 Views: 228 Replies: 1
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Hello ! Please call me "Felisibia" Tales of Heilotia - will be Open World RPG game made by one man. I want to create a bit different RPG then standard. I have billion ideas, so sure give me billion opinions. Thing is i want to change my life and become full time indie so any support (like opinion ) is greatly appreciated.

Goals are:

  • - Dynamic gameplay (Day/ Night cycle; action based combat)
  • Environment that responds to your decisions (You make your own destiny)
  • No teleportation or cut-scenes. Pure Open world exploration (Of course there will be dungeons and quests for those who want to face real evil)
If you would like to know more, give your opinion about ideas, support me or just have private chat please visit website, Facebook or Thank you all for support. And have a nice day.
support and make sure you get the game first -
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Tales of Heilotia Alpha look video -

Tales of Heilotia kickstarter is live now -