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Scarf's Adventure

Just a team project me and some friends are making · By Knightsurfer

Designers Wanted!

A topic by Knightsurfer created Jan 04, 2019 Views: 52
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Developer (5 edits)

I'm alright at coding but world building and creating models isn't quite my forte as of yet,

and as such I need some help, preferably for free. ^_^; I am making this game as a fan project based on a character  a friend of mine created, and one day want it to be a full fledged game, be it free or not we shall decide when the day comes...

Anyways if anyone wants to help with the main basic feel for a hub world or anything like it please see the following:

Creations Law this is basicly where the main character Scarf will start off, if you can build a void like world like portrayed in this comic that would be great, I don't know what direction the game will take yet but so far I'm building it around the idea of a Kingdom Hearts style game, and other worlds will be based off styles of other artists as our main character journeys onward.

 Here is where the comic really starts, but the pages before let you get the idea behind the world.

A few other comics will hopefully make an appearence such as:

Scarf vs Crawler Bug,  Ink Stained and Interesting Faces.

I know this is asking a lot for people to come onboard for free, but I don't know if this is really gonna be a thing yet,  maybe once we make some real progress we may consider it, but for now it's a free project for people to develop their skills. 

Thanks for reading anyways ^ ^