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Aviator Arcade II

Military-Grade Vertical SHMUP Action for your Commodore 64. · By RGCD.DEV

Any chance of a C64mini version?

A topic by StoicVampirePig created Jan 02, 2019 Views: 349 Replies: 2
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It doesn't run on the mini...I don't know if the devs like this device but it would be nice to be able to play in on it.

Or a crt image?

Hi Stoic

It works fine, but the file name needs to be changed to end in "_AD.d64". E.g. "Aviator 2_AD.d64". This turns on accurate disk emulation on the mini so the fast loader works.

- Mark 

Thanks for the tip...I'd got it working but I'd used the cjm file to turn on Accurate disk...this is a great alternative method that I can use on other obstinate games...thanks.