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That's if you think redbook is superior to chip sound, which imo it isn't.

Please finish would mean so much to me and a lot of people.

Hopefully soon, I want to buy it.

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Seems to be paypal only for some reason...I don't have one of those and I pay by card on here, is it going to be staying like that?

ps1 doom disagrees with this.

Hmmm, first impression are mixed, on one hand it's a technical marvel that is a truly lovely thing to see...on the other it's horrifically shallow in one player at least, maybe 2 player will be where it's at.

Nice sure I appreciate this comment, the dev has just put the price up and here is someone who works for her publisher saying how 'worth the price' it was...bit fishy really.

Why has the dev suddenly decided that this game is worth significantly more than they first thought it was worth? It's totally up to them how much they charge, even if they change the price retrospectively...but I probably wouldn't have bought it like I did at the earlier price.

Similarly why is the previously free Neutron suddenly a paid game? 

The only reason WASD has become 'the standard' is because of the mouse...back in the day we used to use both hands on the keyboard?

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This game is really great, best yet, your previous games were too cerebral for me although I had a go I won't be getting very far due to my lack of patience, but this, I'll be playing this.

Saul Cross as well deserves a special mention, what a soundtrack.

PS I forgot about Blockheads, that should be your next release, all it needs it a groovy tune and I'd buy it.

Hey Sarah, what are your plans for your new game? Are you going to put it on here eventually?

Great game Carleton, I've never managed to get my head round picross before but your tutorial and intro levels got me to finally get it...thanks for the game I know I'm going to love it.

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I'm too much of a Boomer to know that I think. :)

Thanks for letting me know. it...good tip man.

Haha yeah I photoshop skillz are poor though...:)

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Do you think you guys could start including a nice jpg of the box art with the digital purchase? I don't see why we shouldn't get it and I like to display my new games in launchbox and I have to go trawling for images and like Wormhole before it...there's none.

C'mon guys make it happen...not just you all the devs that still work on the c64 and publish your stuff on digital customers deserve some artwork!

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I bought a digital copy of this, great game but I want to display it in Launchbox and I can't find a single clean copy of the box art with there any way to upload a nice scan to this page, I don't really mind how big it is.

I would buy it but the thing is stuck on 5 dollars not three.

Great game, the only thing I'm slightly unsure about is ammo, am I meant to trapse back to the start to refill?...past all those bats that you can hardly avoid and I find myself having to use all the ammo getting past them? You should put a few bullets with the items maybe? Is there anyway to avoid firing when using items? I think cycle item could be better if on space? The whole having to crouch is quite annoying at times. Sorry for all the issues, it's great otherwise.

Thanks for the heads up about SEUCK...although it looks he's stretching what it can do from the screenshots...I'll still pass.

It's really good, like a fair take on Lightforce.

Feel bad I didn't pay the asking price now...can I 'buy' it twice? 

You might want to mention the word SEUCK somewhere in the description, if I'd seen that I would not have purchased the way can I get a refund?

Have you tried it with accurate disk drive's a link to a cjm editor where you can set it.

Thanks for the tip...I'd got it working but I'd used the cjm file to turn on Accurate disk...this is a great alternative method that I can use on other obstinate games...thanks.

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It doesn't run on the mini...I don't know if the devs like this device but it would be nice to be able to play in on it.

Or a crt image?

Really want to try this but there just seem to be a linux executable to download, all sources I've followed to get here mention a windows port...I can run it on linux it's no problem, just wondering if it's linux only and everyone else is wrong or what?