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Add animations to static images · By JITD

Layer Depth

A topic by Dstoop created Jan 01, 2019 Views: 146 Replies: 1
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Hello JITD, I am glad to hear more updates are coming soon. 
It is still not clear how we're supposed to add layer depth to an image without losing visibility.

Let me be clearer: when adding different images for separate layers - the layers do not actually interact. Because if you select a new layer, the program treats them as separate images. If we're to make more complex works - we need to be able to limit the transparency for a layer - so that the moving parts on 1 layer don't interact with another layer.


Say I cut the girl on the left and the girl on the right's hair out of the picture completely. I'd like to animate just their hair. So I open it up on a second layer - and animate the breasts of the top girl on the background layer.

But when I go to create the image - it only recognizes the background image.

It doesn't render all of the layers. Why is that the case?


This does seen to be a bug. Can you upload the two layers .png so i can try to see what is going on?

Just in case, i will leave here how it work.

  • Take this pic, open in photoshop, or any other image editor.
  • Cut the hair, add to a new layer. Must have a transparent background.
  • Save each layer as a .png image. The hair layer must have a transparent background. Both .png files must have the same width and height.
  • In the background layer. Add the full image without the hair.
  • In the second layer, add the hair.

In the next version, it will be a few improvements for the layers. Like adding transparency and changing the Z index of each layer.