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Episicava [BxG][action,adventure,psychological,war]

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the story is about Arin Arlento, a very special emulator who can emulate all the abilities of the other races that derived from the collision of the Alpha Nebula (a mass of radiation) with the planet effectively altering the total DNA makeup of all humans.

The ones who didn't have their DNA altered extremely are called northmanni and possess no special characteristics apart from elongated lifespans.

The ones who were altered extensively developed varying abilities in categories.

The largest of them being the tonitrui who have the power to manipulate electricity in varying degrees and they constitute 20% of the altered beings.

The excedente who have the ability to consciously augment their physical ability. They also constitute 20% of the altered beings.

The praecantator who have abilities akin to magic and have control over life energy. They also freely manipulate radiation. They constitute 5% of the altered beings.

The permuto who can change their body cells to take on the shape of any beast known to man. They make up the last 5%.

Then there's the emulators.

Arin's small community was wiped out five years prior to the beginning of the main story.

During that his childhood friend Aria was taken away by the northmanni.

Arin settles down in the Northmanni Empire to find an available route for revenge until he finds out that Aria is alive and proceeds to rescue her.

Upon rescuing her he realizes she was experimented upon leaving her with brain dysfunctionality and swears to protect her until she's normal again.

He then sets out for the continent of fulgur, the home of the tonitrui.

That is when the real story begins. the story of how one man goes to war with the world.

[b]Genres[/b]:[action, adventure, superpower, psychological, romance, war.]

The GUI, done by Trey Fletcher;



Arin: very proud and cold-hearted. Favors logic over emotion and has a warped sense of morality. Occasionally struggles with survivor's guilt. As the story goes on he discards his cold-hearted nature due to the influence of the five heroines and becomes kinder and stronger after gaining something to protect. Naturally over-powered but faces difficulty when matched against people with considerable skill.

Aria: due to her experimentation she experiences withdrawal symptoms earlier in the story and after beginning to overcome it she relies on Arin to give her a reason to live. Unlike Arin who uses revenge to move forward after losing his whole race, Aria does not have a solid reason so she is 'unstable'. She feels she has no reason to go on after losing everyone until Arin sets her straight.

Alacria: a typical tsundere 'spoiled brat' who grew up in luxury but desires to live like a normal person. Struggles with oppression by her peers and cannot fit in anywhere. Daughter of the tonitrui representative in the world council. Takes a liking to Arin's driven personality and decides to follow him to be free of her own social hardships.

Aniam: a serious natured woman who is slightly older than all the other characters. Born into a poor family in the excendente society, she had to go through many hardships and trials before she was able to attain the position of candidate to succeed the 'mantse', the current representative in the world council.

Luxia: the 'chibi' of the heroines. Her life is the testimony to what Arin may have become if his clan wasn't slaughtered. She has an indifferent nature to life and keeps everyone at a distance. This I due to the fact that among praecantator she was born with near limitless life energy and had total control over radiation. She was also a treated as a child prodigy and had to suffer growing up carrying the hopes of her race.

Salia: a girl with the disorder of being a permanent 'cat girl'. The permuto are able to change parts of their bodies into animals but her father performed the unspoken taboo of transforming his whole body to protect his family…ultimately leaving him as a permanent beast man. Salia was conceived after that and received this disorder and was shunned by her society and treated as an outcast. Grew up with a very kind nature.


Kairi- daughter of the northmanni president. Madly in love with Arin and is unaware of Kato's existence. She is very air-headed but lives life fully and is kind to everyone in equal measure.

Kato- The de-facto leader of the northmanni though many don't even know he exists.Very cynical and is only interested in fighting strong foes. Very careful about his style of fighting.

The northmanni president- a figurehead. Kato uses a lame looking man as his representative to throw off the other representatives and the general public.

Ace- the leader of the tonitrui and the father of Alacria. Has a twisted fatherly love for his daughter thinking that she needs only what he provides for her to live.

Boyd- the leader of the excedente. Brutish and heavily ethnic. Believes in the rule of survival of the fittest.

Greta- the leader of the praecantator and a very sly and cunning woman. Plans to use Luxia as a trump card to start an all-out war. Heavily militant.

Kara- the leader of the permuto and a very lazy and carefree woman.

Cheshire-the personal maidservant to Alacria. She was the one of the best assassins in the tonitrui secret service and has developed very deep attachments to Alacria.

Kora- Aniam's mother and the one who trained her. She is very harsh to Aniam in front of other but is very kind and loving when they were alone together.

Choza- a childhood friend of Luxia who was killed because he was 'weakening' luxia's fighting ability.

[b]Structure[/b]: the story would be mostly linear as the choices mostly appear during battle and have their instant bad ends attached to it.

The common route before each branching point is not very long as it serves to introduce the heroine who you would be branching into.

It has an enforced playing order of Alacria->Aniam->Luxia->Salia->Aria.

Once the reader branches into the four other heroines the main story ends there and it focuses on the specific problems of the heroine.

Aria's route is the one true route and continues the main story to the epilogue.

[b]Setting[/b]: one of the main features of this story is that it is adventure styled. The protagonist and his posse of troubled combat capable girls move about on the various continents to seek new shelter. Each continent represents an ethnicity or fault of human nature.

Northmanni- Mordern day society. Styled after Japan and America.

Fulgur- represents humanity's scientific progression and the harm it causes.

Tribus- represents African tribalism and the cultural implications it puts on its people.

Militum- represents medieval society and the militant nature of humanity. It shows the unnecessary need of humanity to go to war for power or greed.

Salutem-represents humanity in it's unevolved stage. Survival of the fittest.


[b]story[/b]- 1) prologue- 100% (will be used for demo)

2)part 1- { common route 100%, Alacria's route 50%}

3)part 2- {common route 100%, Aniam's route 10%}

4)part 3 - {common route 100%,Luxia's route 0%}

5)part 4- {common route 25%,Salia's route 0%}

6)part 5- {Aria 0%}


1) sprites - 0%

2) bgs - 7%

3) cgs - 0%

4) GUI- 100%

[b]music[/b]- 8%

[b]programming [/b]- 25% (100% of demo)

[b]miscellaneous [/b]- we're planning on going commercial with the project but will be crowdfunded with kick starter. the demo script is practically ready to be produced.

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Some previews of the backgrounds by Sergey Savvin.


Some new Updates! Character description Panels and More character designs!