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Survive in a land ravaged by an invasive species. You and your dragon are Windstone's last hope. · By Threshold Seven

Windstone an language support!!

A topic by cHyper created Dec 29, 2018 Views: 62 Replies: 1
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Windstone is a great game and awesome in its current state. Will be more languages supported in the future?


Thanks cHyper, The last update completely broke a bunch of stuff because upgrading the UE4 engine during the development of a game is a recipe for disaster... Hopefully I will have a fix out soon.  I want to support other languages in the future but that is not a priority as of now because Windstone is still in very early development. Once I've added a substantial amount of quests and NPC interactions I will starting looking into language support. The success of the game will greatly effect the time table on language support implementation also because that is something I would like to hire translators for. I'm not sure how dependable auto translators would be... Nevertheless, I'll add it sometime even if I have to do it myself. It just might not be for a very long time. Thanks for playing!