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Gamemaker HTML version has broken graphics on itch?

A topic by wilsonthegreen created 9 days ago Views: 45
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Hello there, right now I'm trying to upload an html version of my game to a new page but I notice that a lot of the graphics are busted?
(Image of the broken version below)

This is what its supposed to look like 

These issues are consistent throughout the game, text doesn't appear properly, a lot of images are pure black, sprites flicker when moving etc.

I've already put it onto Newgrounds and previewed it in my browser and it works fine there. It just seems to have issues here on itch. Has anyone else had this issue before? 

The game is made in gamemaker btw and I uploaded it as the zip file export. Not sure if that's relevant or not but thought to give as much info as I could. Also when checking the rest of the threads I didn't see any bugs like this before so I hope this isn't a double post.