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Online Open World Multiplayer Zombie Survival Game · By chaozz

Login(Says Valiate Account when I have) Locked

A topic by Reikanara created 87 days ago Views: 174 Replies: 6
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No response.

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So I Registered my account and I got the email to validate it. I click the link in the email and it tells me my account is now Validated and I can start playing. I then go onto the game, try to log in and it tells me "Status: ERROR: First Validate your account."

Which I did but its saying I have not. I then make another account with a different email and the same thing happens, I have also tried re-installing and again nothing works and it tells me the same thing.

Developer (1 edit)

My guess is that you're creating an account on the forums. You need a game account. Create on on

No I did it on that link you sent me and it’s the same :/


What is your username?


and my other one is Mauneko

Developer (2 edits)

Reikanara has an email address ending in which I doubt is valid. Mauneko seems to have a valid email address. Try resend ing the activation mail at

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