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~~~~ USS Racer Release ~~~~

A topic by UssProduction created Aug 21, 2016 Views: 157 Replies: 1
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Hello guys,

USS Racer is the first video game release from USS Production!!! [Windows platform only so far]

You can check it out there:

Be the fastest and beat all your opponents on the 3 different tracks offered in USS Racer.


No need to present the place where the fiercest battles in the universe took place - race along the hills of the blue grass of Planet Namek.



Welcome to the urban environment of GCity, mix of graffiti, planes, trains, bridges, buildings and more.



Speed up on the valley of the Shire and don't get distracted by zeppelin flying on top of your head!



As you can guess, feedback from players is going to be very important and appreciated for this first game release.

For information, the game was developed using a bench of free and (in some cases) open source softwares available: Unity/Blender/Gimp/Audacity/LMMS.

Enjoy the game!!

Now available on Mac OSX and Linux platforms!!

Check it out!!