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January Coin-Op Game Contest!

A topic by rendaw created Dec 24, 2018 Views: 125 Replies: 4
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Hello!  I'm hosting a TIC-80 game contest to help test a service I'm working on - details are here: - but in short, 1 month to develop a coin-op game based on a theme.  For the contest there's a modded TIC-80 that adds 2 commands to handle the coin-operation, but it shouldn't affect the code in any important way.

Beginners welcome too!  Only one person's signed up so far so it's pretty relaxed as far as competitiveness goes at this point.

Hey all!  Just a reminder that there's 1-2 days left for signup.  If you're interested in submitting a game make sure you fill out the form before then!

Thanks all, in the end there weren't enough signups but might try again if I can muster some interest in the meantime.  Cheers!

I missed it, but would be interested if you try again. I hope I catch it then. Good luck!

Awesome!  I'll hold you to that :D - I'm probably going to try again in a couple months and I'll ping you then!  One other person pinged me somewhere, so I think there wasn't enough heads up for this contest.