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pyxyzygy community · Created a new topic Mac version!

There's an experimental Mac version out.  Especially experimental because I don't currently have a Mac set up to confirm it works.  If you're feeling adventurous please tell me how it goes.

I added an executable called run.bat in the latest -experimental build - if you double click on that pyxyzygy will start.  Please let me know if it works for you!

Ah, good question!  Right now this only works via the itch app - basically you need to run java.exe with the correct parameters.  I'll create an bat file ASAP.  If you're feeling adventurous in the meantime you can try running it though using the arguments in .itch.toml... although I'm not sure if you get that file with the zip.

It's about a dream or something in a dancehall surrounded by ghosts and dead people, I think?  Japanese, but I don't understand it too well.

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More ghost hop hip

Awesome!  I'll hold you to that :D - I'm probably going to try again in a couple months and I'll ping you then!  One other person pinged me somewhere, so I think there wasn't enough heads up for this contest.

Thanks all, in the end there weren't enough signups but might try again if I can muster some interest in the meantime.  Cheers!

Hey all!  Just a reminder that there's 1-2 days left for signup.  If you're interested in submitting a game make sure you fill out the form before then!

You're just looking to change the aspect ratio?  I don't think there's a built in way, the height/width appear to be hardcoded in include/tic80.h.  It doesn't look like it would be that hard to swap them and recompile, although I'm not sure if the UI could adapt.

Not a proper suggestion, but I remember for some crt games the suggestion was to turn the display on it's side.  A number of monitors also have stands that rotation - you'd need to 

Hello!  I'm hosting a TIC-80 game contest to help test a service I'm working on - details are here: - but in short, 1 month to develop a coin-op game based on a theme.  For the contest there's a modded TIC-80 that adds 2 commands to handle the coin-operation, but it shouldn't affect the code in any important way.

Beginners welcome too!  Only one person's signed up so far so it's pretty relaxed as far as competitiveness goes at this point.