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There probably two issues

A topic by Caroline M. Balkon created 87 days ago Views: 87
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too many sharks  and not enough debris to start, issue I played in demo or free game it has where your start off on small raft and not enough time and shark will attack,

Let me point out something real sharks won't do anything they patrol and see if they anything worth eating then find something close by...but that as close. If these are man eaters like for example I give you hint bull-sharks or tiger sharks would applicable, great white taste you out but if they see you don't look like nothing like mr. seal hey they go away. Bull sharks and blue sharks and tiger sharks might be something in ballpark of scavengers... Don't believe too much into movies. 

Great white has strongest sense of smell they just haven't tested out if they can smell baby diaper miles away.

Debris to start didn't have material to place raft expansion down I was questioning what I was going wait for...impending death kept occurring. You have only issues occurs was dying of thirst. and I am not sure if that even possible you get same roll statistics trapped on raft there no random occurrence where you get bottle or jug or you get different raft set up.  Are there islands you can visit in your game and make resources more I just wondering?

Did you see google play nomad survival  its almost similar to raft game except there are no islands but your adrift you may want to make where you get island and you can colonize it and and make your raft as bug out possibly.  Finding the perfect island might something people should be thinking of if your making this game keeper on steam.  If its PVP  makes question will we be able to make traps on raft not just for shark but for people fall into water and get eaten? Traps to catch mr. Shark to eat...or have means to terrify other players leave shark bone wall?