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It won't open!

A topic by yoonseokshipper created 94 days ago Views: 99 Replies: 1
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I just wanna play the game! Is that too much to ask for????????? I downloaded it last night and wanted to play it today so I let it install overnight, and in the morning I extracted the files, and then I tried to open it and it just won't run! It asks if the file is missing and it is NOT! If anyone had this problem and fixed it somehow, please help me.

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1) Download Steam and make an account.

2) Then launch Steam on your PC, and search "Doki" in the store, it will come right up.  Download DDLC through Steam, add a desktop icon,  Steam will set the game up for you. 

3) if you can't find the game on your desktop, look in your Steam game library. If you don't see it there, search it again in the Steam store - this time instead of download it will say "Play". (If the desktop icon won't launch the game, launch it from the Steam store per #3)

4) Play DDLC. Fall in love. Get your soul crushed, and cry a lot.