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My first game

A topic by barnes created Aug 19, 2016 Views: 113
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I made my first game, and I want to let people see it and get some feedback. I designed this for the One Button Game Jam, and really it was an exercise to practice some game design before I run a game design unit with my students this fall. Quickly though, Unity sucked me and I took it further than I anticipated. It started as a prototype in Stencyl, to something fairly well fleshed out in Unity. It is my first game taken to this level of polish, the first game I'm sharing online and the first 3D I've learned alot through the process.

The premise is simple, you've got to flash a flashlight to send a signal to your squadmate who has gotten separated from the squad. You flash once to move forward, twice to go left, three times to go right and four times to go backwards. Navigate the maze of mines and avoid the patrol.

This whole concept with an attempt to add context to using a single button to translate into multiple outputs. If we tap multiple times, we get a different control. Who would ever need to control something that way? I guess if you had to send a signal over a one bit bandwidth, sort of like flashing a light.

The artwork is basic, and really kills the context of the design...but I don't have the skills to model, rig and animate multiple characters in this time span. Perhaps next time I'll dive into that front now that I'm feeling pretty solid with Unity.

All and all, I learned alot, I'm proud of what came out on the other side and I'd love constructive criticism as I want to channel this new found game design focus into something new and better as soon as possible.

Here is the link:

Cheers all.