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Cave Story Randomizer

A Cave Story mod which shuffles weapons, equipment, and upgrades. · By shru

[Fixed] Santa to Chako

A topic by ChampionDudeX created Dec 20, 2018 Views: 73 Replies: 5
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Self explanatory.

The way cave story is made, it does a <AMJ for the fireball (Checks for it) in order to make chako say "go for the jellies".

But, I didn't the fireball.


No wait it sets a flag when you get the fireball. That makes more sense.


Hm... I actually ran into something similar to this earlier, where a Missile Upgrade replaced the Fireball. Missiles are aquired through a <EVE0030 jump to a global event, so the rest of the Santa event didn't play and <FL+0241 was never set. However, I changed it so that the Missiles should never replace any items which are acquired in the middle of an event, so that shouldn't have happened to you.

Although, it's not totally clear to me whether this actually happened to you, or if you were just anticipating it because you didn't have this Fireball?

I got a missile upgrade where santa would give you the fireball. Meaning yeah, it would go to Head.tsc, not finishing the script.


Oh what? That's weird. That shouldn't be possible anymore! Will investigate!


Whelp. My intentions were in the right place, but a bug with a frankly moronic cause was causing the items flagged as "never swap this with missiles" to instead act more like "never swap this with lipstick/panties/life pot". This is fixed in v0.3.