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Ah yeah, CSE2 English works just fine. But Japanese will help with randomized speedruns, is what I mean. Thanks for the info.

Please allow the ability to use CSE2 and the Japanese original freeware version of Cave Story.

What's CSE2? CSE2 is a recompilation of Cave Story, made by Cucky and Clownacy. See it more here: CSE2

or find the Enhanced version (which I use) here: CSE2 Enhanced

I got a missile upgrade where santa would give you the fireball. Meaning yeah, it would go to Head.tsc, not finishing the script.

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Anytime. Been modding for about a year now. Know most of the errors.

No wait it sets a flag when you get the fireball. That makes more sense.

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Self explanatory.

The way cave story is made, it does a <AMJ for the fireball (Checks for it) in order to make chako say "go for the jellies".

But, I didn't the fireball.


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When attempted to grab the chest, it gave me a 5hp life capsule. This life capsule does not seem to have a correct <END placement, as it keeps going to event #0500 where it just does a different script. Could be game breaking in some cases.

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