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Convicted Galaxy

A Third Person 2.5D Action Roguelike in Space. · By Mind Grown Software

Mouse not locked to window

A topic by dankVinyl created Aug 18, 2016 Views: 201 Replies: 2
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It won't matter to people who have 1 monitor, but if you have more than 1, your mouse can move out sided of the game and go to your other monitors. Can we please get it so your mouse is locked to the game window? Thanks c;

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks dankVinyl, we will put that one at the top of our bug squashing list. I've also added it to the "Bugs" topic (bugID: r358-b001).


dankVinyl, In our next update the Windows version should confine the cursor to the game window (or screen) when not 'tabbed' out of the game. We are currently looking into getting the same functionality out of our Mac build, but it is currently a limitation of our game engine.

Our update should be released on Tuesday, August 30th. If you do happen to try the new update, I would really appreciate your continued feedback. Thanks again!