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Save the gold

A topic by daniebker created Mar 10, 2024 Views: 44
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Maybe a bit late to start a dev log here, but thought I'd share what i've been up to.

My idea was to cross a tower defense game with a roguelike. In this game you take the role of a troll that runs a dungeon with huge stash of gold. Hordes of humans and dwarves are storming the dungeon to get the gold and claim it as their own.

You’re a troll that’s amassed a grand fortune in gold. Trouble is word of your wealth has spread throughout the kingdom and now hordes of would be adventurers are storming your dungeon. Use your battle experience, magic spells, bombs, and projectiles to protect your gold stash at all costs!

It's playable in the browser over here. Saving is currently broken since I'm not serializing something properly. But,, since I wanted to hit the deadline, I figureed I could live with it. Let me know what you think, would love feedback or suggestions. Thanks!