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Your LocJAM-related events Locked

A topic by LocJAM created 37 days ago Views: 1,143
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Current events
Can I organize a localization event based on your games?

Yes! Every game we ever used is licensed under creative commons. You are explicitly allowed to copy and adapt them freely.

Which also means you can always practice on them, study them and make events around them, at any time and without any permission from us.

Can I organize a localization event during the LocJAM?

Yes! From its very first edition, LocJAM has always been a very "horizontal" event, where the core contest came together with multiple independent workshops held around the world.

From full-on conferences, to study groups, to simple nerdy dinners, we're always happy to see aggregation moments around LocJAM and ready to support them however we can

Will you help me with my event? Can you organize one for me?

Yes and no. We're always happy to support event organizers, providing early copies of new games, guidance and anything we can reasonably do to help. But we do not get directly involved with their events, nor they get a say on how LocJAM itself is run. Both remain entirely separate.

Will you promote my event? Can I charge for it?

Yes and no. As we mentioned at the start, all our games are free and open source. As long as you respect the terms of their licenses (mostly, by not selling them) you have the most complete freedom. And that includes organizing a paid, promotional or even commercial event around them.

This said, LocJAM itself is run on four core values: being open and thus accessible to all audiences, being  free and thus never monetized or promotional, being independent and thus entirely self-managed and financed and being collaborative, and thus with an emphasis on creativity over competition.

LocJAM itself will only promote events that align with such values.