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Single screen restless action platformer [C64] · By RETREAM

Approval to share your ROM(s)

A topic by retrobrews created Dec 13, 2018 Views: 342 Replies: 4
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Dear RETTEAM, may I please re-share your games (not just this one:) on my github project page?  What license may I use, please? More details about the project in my profile --> Thank you in advance! Retro Fan

Developer (1 edit)

You can redistribute QUOD INIT EXIT provided that you don't make any direct or indirect profit out of it, you don't modify it in any way, and that you also provide the manual and the end-user agreement (both files are included in the download archive available here).
Please note that QUOD INIT EXIT is the only game you can redistribute: KOG and MeMO are free, but for platforms you don't support (PC and Amiga), and the other games are commercial (i.e. not redistributable).

Hi RETREAM, thank you very much for your approval! 

This project is a free as I also get those games for free... It's for gamers to play... So no modifications, no profit at all..  

For the other platforms like Amiga, I'm planning to include there, but till now did not have a chance to do so. May I please re-share it in the future? Many thanks in advance! 

P.S. any type of license info I may attach with the game roms? Thanks!


For the future, just please check out the documentation that comes with the game(s) you intend to share.

The same goes for QUOD INIT EXIT: the download archive here contains both the end-user agreement and the manual - just include verbatim copies of those files.

Thank you!