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Super Nintendo 3D Emulator?

A topic by BRO3256 created Aug 14, 2016 Views: 1,226 Replies: 4
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Would it be a great idea if there was a Super Nintendo 3D emulator that did the exact same thing that the NES 3D emulator did but played Super Nintendo roms? Would it take some time to program?

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Of course it will take so much time to do it.

I so wanna see this happen very soon! When I told my friends about 3DNES they automatically asked if there was an SNES one and other console versions that had it in 3D too. I knows it's been 2 years, but hope much progress and interest is still being made of this project though.

I think the problem is that the dev is already busy with the 3D NES version. But who knows what the future might hold. I think if we all re-buy the current one on Steam if released there might help funding a brighter future for the project :)

True..and of course 3DNES still needs work in  a few ways. Apparently newer versions don't work in LaunchBox for some reason and the games need better 3dn files to where people don't lose interest in a game because of how messed up it looks on the first try without doing their own editing too.