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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Late game development

A topic by Noivilbo created Dec 12, 2018 Views: 126 Replies: 1
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Continuing on with my previous post the lack of resources in the surrounding area will be devastating, maybe more automation could be included, such as a mine that collects ores and rocks and by a very small chance radioactive material from 'underground' and runs on electricity, or a room where it can auto harvest fully grown plants. Maybe new resources that can only be found 'underground' such as natural gas, crude oil and coal, these can power buildings in maybe the development of the game further down. A new research called 'Automation' or another one called 'Fuel'. More dangerous disasters could be created, and defences and forcasting buildings could be added due to that, like lightning rod for storms, or maybe you can use these disasters to your own use, wind turbines that generate electricity and they generate more in storms but have a chance of breaking; Lightning adaptors which can use lightning to power the base(Note: This building would be a limited use item, like it would break after a certain amount of strikes). These suggestions bring more things into the game and adds more research. I could go on forever but I'll stop.

Feel free to tell me any bad sides, I'm new to posting and I would be genuinely happy with corrections, and mind my messy paragraphs, I just wrote down whatever I thought of at the time.

well, i think fuels don't really fit this game too well. underground things? maybe, but lack of resources in the area is not a problem, as with upgraded suit and cobble road you can go super far and come back even without oxygen tanks. automation seems pretty good idea, but i'd rather implement drones, as additional buildings in the middle of your indoor farm could mess up your base and it seems highly unpractical. and it also works for trees outside. also using drones for smelting and crafting could be pretty handy, as if you have to make like 20 habitat modules or 400 cobble, doing it yourself can  be sometimes quite annoying. idk, like placing orders, maybe? and adding more energy sources seems great, like wind turbines. and lightning adapters made from lightning rods or being some kind of upgrade to them sounds like woah, like instead of draining your energy, filling batteries to max capacity. btw  if RTG is miniature atomic power plant, at least 1 gear should be needed to  craft it, as that pretty much how it would work. unless it's some kind of futuristic tech.