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Feedback about the game world map that changes once in a while

A topic by DireBoarGames created Dec 12, 2018 Views: 58
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For the long time I had an idea about the game that isn't constant, and that changes during playing. For one of local jams, I made a prototype of it.

The game's world map changes, but absolutely not with fully randomness. It has some constant parts that change their location, but fully, and also some pieces that a random, but still following a specific algorithm.

In this game you need to find an enemy in this chaotic place, and defeat him. Both your and enemy's stats are randomized in each game, but they don't change while playing. Once in a while the world changes. Yours and enemy's positions change together with the world, it's not the case that you are moved to another place in the same world. Actually, you move together with the piece of land you stand on. But sometimes this piece of land can also turn into something new.

What do you think of it? The game is free and can be played in browser.