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Dasher 3D

Top down shooter with time freezing. · By IEP_Esy

=Ideas= Sticky

A topic by IEP_Esy created Dec 12, 2018 Views: 70 Replies: 2
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Developer (1 edit)

Hey everyone! As you know, the game development is finished and the only things left are some bugs and different builds. If you have any ideas for the game you can tell it here.

Keep in mind to tell arcade-worthy ideas (not something like making the game a wide open world or add battle royal). Be simple. Dasher is a time-freeze game, so any type of multiplayer support is impossible as other time-freezing games don't have any (like SuperHot).

Also, Update if you haven't and check these known ideas before posting an idea:

Online leader board: As soon as I figured a good (and safe) service I'll add an online score board for Dasher.

Custom player: Can customize Dasher's visual appearance.

Squad mode: Team up with fair amount of bosses to help you (-50% score).

Other: More options in main menu - More details in score panel (how many bosses you've killed, who/what killed you, how many mines you've defused , etc...) - Statics - More information in the tutorial

needs some kind of killstreak like double kill / mega kill / monster kill its very rewarding for users and it can company with special attacks or temporary power-ups


That's a nice idea for arcade games, but considering that Dasher is mostly textless makes it a little irrelevant to put such ability... But I'll think of something similar so thanks!